What Debts Can Or Cannot Be Included In A Bankruptcy Filing?

When you are considering bankruptcy, the decision to file can be difficult. The total amount of your dischargeable debt will likely be a factor in your decision, and our knowledgeable attorneys can evaluate your circumstances. At Forghany Law P.C., we help our clients explore all of their options, including other forms of debt relief.

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Some Debts Cannot Be Discharged In Bankruptcy

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 will help you with credit card debt, medical bills, payday loans and other unsecured debts. Bankruptcy also provides several options for addressing secured debt, which typically includes home mortgages and car loans. Some financial obligations cannot be discharged, including:

  • Debts resulting from fraud
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Student loans
  • Debts resulting from drunk driving accidents
  • Debts incurred after filing bankruptcy
  • Debts omitted from the bankruptcy filing intentionally or by mistake
  • Debts stemming from willful injuries to another person or property

Even if some of your debts cannot be discharged, bankruptcy may be beneficial. Eliminating your dischargeable debts may improve your ability to repay student loans or make child support payments. We will examine your finances and help you develop a plan.

We Can Help You Analyze Your Situation

Our firm will help you understand what debts can or cannot be included in a bankruptcy filing. If you do not need an attorney, we will tell you. If bankruptcy is not the best choice for you, we will advise against it. Many debt problems can be resolved with a simple phone call to the creditor to request a lower interest rate or reduced payments. We will do whatever we can to help you put your finances in order.

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